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Bókun now offers Managed websites, a new and updated way to to easily accept bookings through your very own website. You can create a Managed website in a matter of minutes directly in Bókun. Learn more about Managed websites.

What is a storefront

A storefront is a web page where you can display your products to sell onine.

The Storefront allows you to group products, add pictures and publish an online-shop for your experiences in just minutes.

How to Create a Storefront: 

First thing you need to do is to create a product list. A product list lets you group products together. The products can be your own products and products from your suppliers that you have a contract on Marketplace with. Here are information on how to create a product list.

When you have created a product list, the next step is to create the Storefront shop. Click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and select "Storefronts" from the side menu.

Click on the blue "Add" button to create your storefront

On this page you add the basic information for your online shop.

  • Title: the name of you store - this will be shown as the title on your website
  • Subdomain: this is your link the the store. the link will be "". Whatever title you add in this line will replace "Subdomain". The title can only include lowercase letters
  • Product list: select the product list of products you wish to sell
  • Logo: upload your logo
  • Front page photo: add your cover photo for the shop
  • Company info: tick this box if you want to display your company info in the storefront footer

Click on "Save".

Once you have saved your storefront, four new options appear on the screen:

  • Publish: select this button to publish your shop. When you publish it, it can be found on the internet and is bookable. When you have published your storefront, you can select "View Site" and get your URL.
  • Unpublish: Select this button to unpublish the store from the web
  • Preview: select this button to get a preview of your Storefront, without publishing your online store.
  • View site: After you publish your store, this button will be activated. You enter your store and get your URL by selecting this button.

Note that to be able to accept payment online you need to have an integration with a payment provider. 

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