The first thing you need to do is to contact Stripe and make an agreement with them to become your payment provider.

When you have a contract in place with Stripe, you can connect Stripe and Bokun.

Stripe as a payment provider

Select the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and select “Payment Providers” from the side menu.

Click on the blue "Yes" button in order to configure Stripe as your payment provider.

Select the Stripe Logo to add Stripe as your payment provider. 

Select "Stripe Token"

Fill in the following form for Stripe Token according to the integration information you get in the Stripe Admin interface.

Title: The name you want to give the connection, i.e. Stripe Payments

PublishableKey: Stripe provides this code (see instructions below).

SecretKey: Stripe provides this code (see instructions below)


Where do I find the "PublishableKey" and the "SecretKey"?

  • Log into your Stripe account at
  • Select "Developer" from the side menu on the left hand side.
  • Select "API keys", located underneath "Developers". That will reveal your keys.
  • Copy the "Publishable key" and the "Secret key" (once you have revealed it) and paste them into your your Stripe Payment Provider settings in the Bokun platform. 

Please make sure you copy the whole code and that there are no spaces in the fields. You will otherwise get an error message when you try to continue to payment in the booking process.

Note: the code shown in the screenshot above is for demonstration only. You will find your own code on your Stripe account as described in the instructions above.

What next? How do I start accepting payments via Stripe Token?

You need to activate the payment provider on your Booking Channel (your online sales channel).

Your Booking Channel delivers bookings and payments made on your website into Bókun. You can sign up for more than one payment providers, hence why you need to select the correct one. You can for example use one payment provider for your European market, and another one for your US market.

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and select "Booking Channels" from the side menu.

Select the booking channel you intend to add the payment provider to.

Select your payment provider for this Booking channel from the drop-down menu and hit "Save".

Now you are set and ready to accept payments on your website.

The last step: Test your payment process

After you add the booking engine to your website, it's a good rule to create a booking and pay for it. This is to test both the booking process as seen by your customer and to double check that your payment option is functioning as it should. Here is information on how you can add a booking engine to your website and test the whole booking process.

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