This is a feature you can use to manage supply from other companies or create supply for the destinations you manage.

Subvendors is a separate Bókun App within the App Store. Bókun PRO users can add the Subvendor to their subscription for $99 per month. Learn more about adding Apps here.

Creating the subvendor

Click Settings in the bottom left corner. Then click Subvendors.

Click on Add in the top right corner.

Bókun requires you to fill in information about the supplier you will be managing as a subvendor. The form presented to you in the setup process will be explained below.


Name of the company you will be managing.

A description / manifest of the managed company. This field is used to create the marketplace profile for the new subvendor.

Your website
The website URL for the new subvendor.

TripAdvisor profile
The subvendor's TripAdvisor profile (if applicable). Will show up on Marketplace.

Service Address
The new subvendor's operations address. 

Booking prefix
Three letter prefixes used to create your booking reference number. 

Default language
The default language your new subvendor will use. 

Default currency
The default currency your new subvendor will operate in. 

Default Time Zone
The Time Zone your new subvendor operates in. 

The address is sourced from an online database. If you have trouble finding your address listed in the search field you can add a manual address by selecting the blue link below the form.


Bókun allows each company to have three types of contact. Please note that the Service contact details can be applied to the Billing contact and the Contract Contact.

  1. Service Contact
    The person responsible for contact with customers regarding the services provided by the company.

  2. Billing Contact
    The person responsible for contact with Bókun's accounting team.

  3. Contract Contact
    The person responsible for contact with Suppliers / Sellers on the marketplace. 


Company name
The registered name of your company. Can be different to your brand name.

Registration number
The registration number of the subvendor's business with the respective authorities.

VAT Number
If the subvendor has a VAT number, this is the field for it.

Registration address
The address of your registered company, can be different from the service address.

Click Save.

Managing the new subvendor account

Congratulations on your new subvendor account. You now have to manage your new subvendor account. For this we have two main methods:

  1. Disguise as the subvendor directly from your own account.

  2. Create a login credential for your new subvendor account. 

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