Product Distribution enables you to select which products should be available for your booking agents. Perhaps you only want your agent to be able sell a selection of your top selling products or maybe you want some products only to be available for internal bookings.

Creating the distribution rule

You can either create one rule for all agents or you can create a separate rule for each agent.

Select "Products" > "Product Distribution".

Select "Add" to create a new distribution rule for your agents.

Define the parameters for your distribution rule and select the products available.

Title: Name of the distribution, e.g. Booking Agents

Description: Description of the distribution. This is not a mandatory field.

Behaviour: "Exclude suppliers by default" if you check this, then suppliers are excluded unless you add them below. If you leave it unchecked, then all suppliers are included by default.

Filter products by supplier

Supplier: Choose a supplier whose products you'd like to add to the distribution .

Product filter: 

  • None: By selecting None, you do not allow any of this suppliers products to be available for sale.
  • Boxed: You can only have Boxed products available for sale.
  • Selected: This allows you to select the products that should be available for sale 
  • Excluded: By selecting Excluded you can exclude specific products that should not be available for sale.

Click "Add" at the bottom of the page to add the products you've selected and then click "Save" on the page that appears once you've added your products.

Assigning the distribution rule

If you haven't created your booking agent terms go to this link

After you have created the rule, you need to assign it to your agent terms. Select "Contracts" > "Booking Agent Terms" to do so.

Select the name of the agent terms you would like to add this distribution rule to.

When you have selected you agent terms, select the product distribution rule from the drop down list and remember to save your changes.

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