What is a booking agent?

Agents are resellers, who are external to Bókun and your organisation, and have access to your Bókun inventory. Agents are people or companies that you currently work with. Learn more about agents here.

How do I add a booking agent in Bókun?

The first step is creating booking agent contract terms. Contract terms are necessary to outline the commission you are going to pay your agent. Here is more information on creating agent terms.

After creating agent terms, continue with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to "Contracts" > "Booking Agents"

2. Click "Add" to create a new booking agent

3. Fill in the following information:


  • Approved: The agent can start booking right away 
  • Pending: The agent is ready, but pending your approval before he can start booking
  • Rejected: Agent that you have decided to terminate

Account Name: The agent's name or name of the agent's business (mandatory)

Company Details

Company name: The registered name of the Booking Agent company (mandatory)
Registration number:
The company's registration number if any. In Iceland this is kennitala.
VAT number:
VAT number if needed.
Registration address:
The booking agent's street address (mandatory)
Billing address is same as registration address:
This box is automatically checked. Uncheck if the billing address is not the same as the company address.
Billing address:
The billing address, if it not the same as the company address. 

Service Contact

This area pertains to the specific person who will be the agent. The mandatory fields are: First name, Last name , and Email or Phone number.

Billing Contact

Unclick the box if billing contact info is not the same as the info for the user account. In this sections the mandatory fields are: Email or phone number

Account settings 

Language: Select the preferred language for your agent.
Business category: Select the appropriate business category for your agent.
Comments: Add a comment if applicable.

Booking Agent Terms

Online contract: Add the terms that are applicable to this contract. This must be created before creating an agent or else no contract terms will appear here.
How to set up contract terms for your agents.

Select one of the following checkout options for your agent: 

Affiliate: Agent uses traveler credit card to book at a full price using their Bókun login or booking area. Payment is processed to the supplier via their payment provider. Supplier then owes commission to the agent. (Hotel concierge and kiosks are examples. The traveler could book and pay in a booking area. The agent would then receive commission from the supplier.)

  • Supplier must have a payment provider on file for their internal bookings channel.

Reseller: Agent creates a booking on behalf of their traveler using Bókun login or booking area. Agent collects payment from traveler separately. Supplier then invoices the agent for the net price of the booking (full price minus commission).

  • Must have positive balance or overdraft limit. Agents can only book up to the value specified in their monthly overdraft limit. i.e.: if their overdraft limit is $1000 and the agent has booked $900 for the month, they'll be unable to complete another booking for $200.

Customer: Agent uses a credit card to book at net price using their Bókun login or booking area. Payment is processed to the supplier via their payment provider. The supplier does not owe or invoice anything. The agent will charge the traveler the full price to make a commission.

  • Supplier must have a payment provider on file for their internal bookings channel.

Booking area settings: 

Booking area: Choose the booking area this agent should have access to.  Here is more detailed information on booking areas.

Subdomain: Create a domain for the booking area. This is only necessary for public booking areas. The subdomain will be a part of the URL that you send to your booking agents to book your products. This is how your booking URL will look like: https://subdomain.bookingarea.bokun.io

You can find subdomain URL by going to the main booking agents page.

Public area: Select this checkbox if you do not want the agent to have to login to the booking area. Anyone with the link can also access the booking area. Bear in mind that you can not track the sales for each agents that uses a public booking area.

Remember to save before leaving this page.

After you save this page, you will be redirected to an overview page where you can see the settings for the agent. 

Overdraft Limit Settings: 

Under the "Overdraft limit" column, click "Edit" and type the amount you want to add.

The "Balance" column shows the value of bookings that have been created. 

The "Available to spend" column shows the amount that is still available for the agent to use.

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