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The Marketplace is a feature in Bókun where you can connect with other vendors to resell one another's products. If a contract is made between two vendors, one vendor can access the other vendor's product supply in real time and make bookings. The reseller will make a commission of that sale.

Using the Marketplace is a win-win situation for both suppliers and resellers. Suppliers increase their product exposure, which leads to an increase in sales. Resellers gain access to more supply, which also leads to more sales.

Please note that all vendors can act as both suppliers and sellers in the Marketplace.
Vendors can get real time access to each other's inventory by making a contract on the Marketplace.

How to Create Contracts on the Marketplace

1. Click “Contracts” in the top bar and then select "Marketplace" from the drop down list.

2. Bókun will display a list of OTAs' business cards at the top of the page by default and as you scroll down, you will see all other vendors' business cards. In order to find your preferred partner, you can either search by name, filter your search results by country in the search bar, or filter them by contracts.

3. Once you have found your preferred vendor in the Marketplace you can:

  • View all of the vendor's products by clicking "View Products"
  • Take a look at the vendor's price list by clicking "View Price list"
  • Create a supplier contract proposal by clicking "Add as supplier." Clicking takes you to a page where you can send the supplier a contract proposal, proposing that you would like to sell their products for a commission.
  • Create a reseller contract proposal by clicking "Add as reseller." Clicking takes you to a page where you can send a reseller a contract proposal, proposing that you would like them to sell your products for a commission.

4. Request Terms or Create a Seller Contract. Depending on whether you are the seller or supplier you will follow different steps.

  • As the seller, you need to request contract terms.
  • As a supplier, you need to create a seller contract.

5. After filling out the contract proposal with all the required information, write a message to the vendor and then either select the "Request terms" button (if you're the seller) or the "Send Proposal" button (if you're a supplier).

For Resellers: How to Request Contract Terms from a Supplier

As a seller, you can request contract terms from the supplier by clicking "Add as supplier" from the business card, and then sending a proposal.  

Leave the supplier a message in the text box on the right side of the screen and click on the "Request terms" button. If the supplier is interested, they will get back to you with a contract outlining the commission percentage and their product offering. After you have received the terms you can send back a counter proposal or agree to the proposal from the supplier.

For Suppliers: How to Set up a Seller Contract 

As a supplier, you provide the seller with your contract terms when inviting them to become your reseller. Before you can send a Marketplace Contract , you need to make sure you have your Contract terms  in place before proceeding.

Select "Add as reseller" on the vendor's business card to send the reseller a proposal. This will open up a new Marketplace contract. 

There are three tabs on the contract: 

  • Terms: this tab is where you specify the basic settings of the contract 
  • Products: this tab is where you see the products that are available for contract 
  • Pricing: this tab is where you see the products' prices for this contract 

Contract terms: Select the terms that you want to use for this Marketplace Contract. If you do not have existing contract terms you must create them first. Learn more about contract terms

Booking changes and cancellations
This is where you define whether the supplier and the seller are able to cancel and/or change bookings.  

Supplier prices will be locked during the duration of the contract: Checking this box means that your reseller prices will remain the same, regardless of any changes the supplier may make to their product prices.

Seller shares the customer contact details with the supplier: Select this if the supplier should be able to see the contact details from the customer.

Validity period & termination: Set the duration of the contract and when it can be terminated. 

Expiry date: Set the expiration date for the contract, for example the 1st of January two years from now.

Supplier termination: determine the notice period for suppliers, for example, 30 days notice. 

Seller termination: determine the notice period for sellers, for example 30 days notice. 

Suppliers signature: This is where you sign the contract. Both the seller and supplier signatures will appear on the contract. 

Enter a comment: Write a message to the seller, such as a short introduction of your company. This is a mandatory field. 

Then, select "Send proposal." 

The other two tabs on the contract, are to review and see which products and prices are available according to the contract. 

  • Products: A list of products that are available for this contract 
  • Pricing: The prices that are valid for this contract 

Responding to contract proposals

Once a contract has been proposed, the other Vendor will receive a notification via email and they will be encouraged to respond to your proposal. 

They can response to the proposal in three ways:

  • Contract proposal is accepted and is immediately active
  • Contract proposal is amended and needs be reviewed by you
  • Contract proposal is declined

When both parties have accepted the agreement, you have access to the other party's products.

Other Sales Channels (OTA Integrations)

It is important to make a distinction between the conventional Marketplace contracts and the integrations to OTA sellers Bókun offers. If you would like to connect your Bókun account to the following sellers, you would not use the Marketplace. Click each seller's name below to find further information on how to integrate with them.

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