What is booking cut-off?
Booking cutoff defines how many hours before your experience's start time it becomes unbookable on your online booking engine and by your resellers. If you i.e. select 12 hour booking cutoff time, customers and resellers won't be able to make a booking less that 12 hours before the experience starts.

Note, that your own employees can always book until departure via Booking desk regardless of a defined cutoff time.

What are the benefits of having short booking cut-off?
Our data shows that suppliers saw a 16% booking volume lift when they changed their booking cut-off time to 12 hours or less. Many last-minute bookings take place when a traveler is already in-destination and resent research states that 35% of travelers have used mobile phones to book a tour or activity. By lowering your booking cut-off time to 12 hours or less, you’re capturing two sets of last-minute bookers: those that are a day away from the trip, planning out their upcoming itinerary, and those that have already arrived in-destination, seeking an activity right then and there.

1. Go to Products > Experiences and select the product you want to add a booking cut-off to.
2. Navigate to Availability > Booking cut-off in the left-hand side panel.

3. Select your cut-off time from the drop down menu and then click Save & Continue.

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