A payment provider is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card payments for a business. It processes the traveler’s payment card on your website and manages the payment transaction. 

What payment providers does Bókun support?

Bókun support multiple payment providers. You can access a full list and further information here: Payment providers

Getting started

To find the list of available payment providers, click Online sales in the side navigation and click Payment Providers from the drop-down.

You will then see a screen stating that you do not have a payment provider configured. Click Set up a new payment provider to continue and add a payment provider.

Here you can view all the payment providers that Bókun integrates with.

When you select a payment provider from the list, a new page opens, and you will be prompted to add information in order to make the integration.

Specific instructions to set up in Bókun these payment providers:

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