What is a payment provider and why do I need one? 

A payment provider is an e-commerce application service provider that authorises credit card payments for a business. It processes the traveler’s payment card on your website and manages the payment transaction. 

Getting started

To find the list of available payment providers, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page, then select Payment providers from the sidebar.

You will then see a screen stating that you do not have a payment provider configured. Click Yes to continue and add a payment provider.

Here you can view all the payment providers that Bókun integrates with.

When you select a payment provider from the list, a new page opens and you will be prompted to add information in order to make the integration.

Specific instructions to set up in Bókun these payment providers:

Paypal: How to set up PayPal Token (no redirection to Paypal website, the customer stays on your website to pay on your Bókun booking engine using your Paypal token)

How to set up Payment page (redirects to a Paypal page for payment using Bókun booking engine)

Trust my Travel: How to set up Trust my Travel

Stripe: How to setup Stripe

Braintree: How to set up Braintree

Six: How to setup Six

Paytrail: How to setup Paytrail

Plugnpay: How to setup Plug'n Pay

Realex: How to setup Realex

DIBS: How to set up DIBS

Korta: How to set up Korta payment Page
: How to set up Korta payment Gateway

Borgun: How to set up Borgun payment Page
: How to set up Borgun payment Gateway

Valitor: How to set up Valitor payment Page
: How to set up Valitor payment Gateway

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