Terms & Conditions are an important part of your booking process, most payment providers require that you display your terms and conditions.
Bokun features a built-in Terms & Conditions system that displays your terms in the Checkout Widget when your customer is making a purchase on your website.

How to Add Terms & Conditions

  1. To create terms & conditions, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and select “Terms & Conditions” from the side bar.

2. Type or paste your Terms & Conditions into the text box.

If you have any translations enabled, you will be asked to fill in the text for those translations. In this case, Spanish is enabled so you would need to add your own translation in Spanish.
Note: Bokun does not automatically translate content. 

3. Hit the blue "Save" button. Your Terms & Conditions will now appear when a customer makes a booking.

Display Options for the Terms & Conditions

Your customers will need to accept your Terms & Conditions before they can proceed to the payment step of your booking process. 

The Terms & Conditions can be displayed in two ways:

  1. The customer has to click a link to read the Terms & Conditions
  2. Terms & Conditions are always displayed in the Checkout Widget

You must configure the Checkout Widget in order to display your Terms & Conditions 

  1. Navigate to Widgets and click on the name of your Checkout Widget. 
  2. Find a checkbox labelled Always show the terms & conditions and mark it as checked.

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