The online booking engines (widgets) Bókun offers out of the box has two settings.

It can either be just for one single product or it can show a drop-down list that shows multiple product the customer can select from.

Here is an example of a booking engine showing one single product. This is a widget you would us in the case that you have a page on your website for each of your products. Then the customer selects e.g. "Jet boat Adventure" on your front page, and is redirected to a second page where he gets more information on the activity, can possibly see some images, and has a booking engine where he can book the Jet Boat Adventure.

Here is an example of a booking engine showing multiple products in a drop-down list. This is a booking engine you can e.g. put to your front page as a quick way to book for those customer who know what they intend to book. Or if you have 2-3 versions of one activity the customer can select between on the product page.

The widgets that are on your account by default are set to show only a single product. To change a widget to show multiple products or create a new one which features drop down list with multiple products you can enter the widget settings and check one box.

To enter the widget start by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

This is a setting for the Tour & Activity booking engine. To change the settings select the "Activity Time Selector" widget. You open the settings by selecting the name of the widget.

Almost at the top of the settings page there is a check box "Allow customer to select from activities". Check this box to have the widget show drop down list of activities.

By default the drop down list features all of your products.

You can set the widget to show all products you are allowed to sell. Then the drop down list will feature all products you have contracts with your suppliers on marketplace to sell.

To show all products you can book in the widget choose "List activities bookable by vendor" in Activity list.

You can also select which products should appear in the widget you have by adding product distribution to your booking channel and restrict which products can be booked via that channel.

Scroll to the bottom and save. When you have saved your widget will update automatically.

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