It is possible to add a shopping cart to your website using Bókun's widgets. This allows customers to add products to a cart and buy more than one product at a time.

An example of an embedded cart widget:

The first step is to create a page on your website where you embed your checkout widget. This page could be accessed at the url:

Check if your booking channel allows the Shopping Cart function. Navigate to The name of the company > Booking Channels and select the appropriate booking channel. Makes sure USE SHOPPING CART is checked. (See screenshot below)

Verify that the checkout widget you plan to use has the "Show Shopping Cart" checkbox checked.

Click the gear icon in top right corner then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

Make sure the "Show Shopping cart" and "Allow removing from cart" checkboxes are checked. 

Set up your Cart Widget

Shopping cart widgets display information on how much the customer has added to his/her cart. The widget displays a cart icon, the number of items in the cart and the combined value of the items in the cart (optional).

Navigate to the name of your company > Widgets.

Select Add to create a shopping cart widget

Select "Shopping Cart", from the list of widget types.

Configure your new shopping cart widget.
Title: Name your widget here.

Allow removing from cart: If checked, this option allows customers to delete from cart, e.g. if they change their product
Display type: This option defines how the cart widget will look on your website.
URL to full cart: Here you add the url to your checkout page.

Embedding the Cart Widget

To embed the shopping cart widget, go back to the list of widgets and follow these instructions on how to embed widgets.

This article describes how to embed activity time selector. However, the procedure is the same.

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