When you have created a subvendor, you can create a user credential for their staff members to log in. Once logged in, the user can manage the account like their own.

Create a log in credential for your subvendor user

In order to create a credential for you subvendor user you first have to Disguise as the subvendor.

When you have disguised as the subvendor you open the "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Users” from the side bar:

Click Add to create the user credential.

User information form

You are now presented with a form to fill in the user information for your new user.

First Name
First name of the person responsible for the account.

Last Name
Last name of the person responsible for the account.

E-mail address
Add the users e-mail address. The e-mail address will be the user name the users logs in with. Note: E-mail address is the login user name.

User role
Select the user role this user will have assigned.

Create a password for the user, please note that you will have to inform the user about the password manually.

Send the new subvendor user the log in information

Bókun will automatically send the new user an email stating the following:

  • Username. (Their email address)
  • Log in address. (yourdomain.bokun.io)

NOTE that Bókun does not automatically send password information to new users, since this poses a security risk. I suggest that you inform the user about their new password manually.

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