Partners are external service providers and can be a part of each of your products / services. e.g. a restaurant where you stop for lunch. Your partner will receive a notification when the activity you have linked them to is booked.

You can create a partner are for your partners. The partner area allows the partner to close days where he knows beforehand he cannot accepts more customers.

When a booking for a partner tours is created the partner automatically receives an e-mail.
In the notification e-mail the partner receives, there is a button to confirm the booking. The partner needs to click the confirm button to confirm he received the booking. Note, that the booking for the end customer is always confirmed, whether the partner has confirmed or not.

The partner can send a message/comment with the confirmation to the supplier (not the end customer), e.g. asking if there are vegetarians in the group. Bókun maintains all communication between the tour operator and the partner.

To create a partner, start by selecting “Contracts” on the top bar. Then select “Partners” from the drop down list.

Select "add" to create a new partner

Fill in the required information about the partner. The only fields that are mandatory are title, Booking e-mail address and finance e-mail address.

By now the partner has been created.

After save was chosen in the last step a screen appears where the information about the partner are shown. Here it is also always possible to change the information about the partner.

To give the partner access to his area choose “create access” on the right hand site of the screen. The partner receives an e-mail with information about his area.

If the link, that appears after the Partner Area has been created, is selected you will be taken to you partners Partner Area. This is the link the partner receives by e-mail to enter his partner area.

This is the user interface that the partner has access to. In the partner area the partner can close specific days to services.

When you have created your partner, you have to add them to the activities they belong to. To do that you have enter your activity and select add partner. On this link you can find further information on how to add partners to your activities.

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