Bókun has partnered with to provide channel management for accommodation providers.

MyAllocator allows you to setup rates and availability easily on their supported channels. Click here to see a list of the channels MyAllocator supports.

The integration will help you keep track of the bookings you receive outside of Bókun, and deploys your resources in real time to the sales channels. This includes rooms, prices and availability. When you connect to MyAllocator in Bókun, you select the sales channels you would like to use, e.g. Booking.com, Expedia and so forth.

How does the integration work?

Lets use Booking.com as an example. When a customer looks for your property on Booking.com, Booking.com displays the prices and availability from Bókun through MyAllocator.

When the customer books on Booking.com, the booking is delivered directly to Bókun, the guest is allocated a room and you will find the new booking in your Accommodation Front Desk.

Simultaneously, your availability will be updated in Bókun. Moreover, your availability will also update automatically on Booking.com and all other sales channels you have connected to MyAllocator.

Pricing for the services MyAllocator provides you with

Myallocator charges a monthly subscription fee per property. The pricing depends on the size and type of your property. To calculate your monthly fee, click here.

Note that you pay MyAllocator directly for their services, and this fee is not included in your monthly Bókun subscription.

How to set up myallocator in Bókun

To set up myallocator Integration to Bókun, there are few steps you need to complete

  • Create your MyAllocator within Bókun (if you don't have on already) 
  • Integrate MyAllocator and Bókun
  • Select the properties you want to have available on MyAllocator.
  • Add or select in MyAllocator the properties you want to get the availability and prices from Bókun for
  • Link the properties on Bókun and MyAllocator
  • Select your sales channels on MyAllocator

Creating your MyAllocator account

Connect your MyAllocator to Bókun (if you do not have an account with MyAllocatore already, that's fine you can sign up to MyAllocator from within Bókun).

 You start by selecting the  "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

By selecting the "Sign up" tab you can create a new MyAllocator account by filling out the form. Then select "Sign up for MyAllocator.

If you already have a myallocator account, select the “Log in” tab and sign in to your existing account instead.

Managing myallocator properties

After you create your myallocator account, you will be taken to a property list screen in Bókun. From now on you will find this property list bye selecting "The name of you company -> myallocator channel manager" from the drop down list.

On the left hand you will see the properties you have set up on your myallocator account. If you were just creating your myallocator account you are not going to have any properties on this list.

On the right hand site you have a list of your properties in Bókun. Same here if you haven't set up your accommodation in Bókun yet, this list is going to be empty. In that case you can follow the instructions on this link to create your property in Bókun

Create a myallocator Property

The first thing to do is to click the “Add property” button to create your myallocator property. What you are doing here is to create your property in myallocator (not in Bókun) (if you had an existing property then you can select that from the list instead).

This takes you to a property form. Enter your property information (the default values should be fine)

Property name: the title of your accommodation

Currency: The main currency for you products

Breakfast: Select if breakfast is included in your products.

Automatic availability adjustment: select "on" to have all sales channels you will be using via myallocator will update automatically when a booking is received from some of the channels.

How to treat cancellations: here you can select how cancellation are handled on your channels.

Download new bookings from channels: select on to automatically receive all bookings directly to your Bókun system.

Contact e-mail: your contact e-mail

Booking confirmation e-mail: add the e-mail you would like to receive booking confirmations to. Note that not all channels send out e-mail notifications.

Select create property when you have filled out the form, then your property will be created on myallocator.

Linking the Myallocator property to your Bokun accommodation

The next step is to link your Myallocator property with an accommodation in Bokun.

Click on the name of the property you want to link to. When you select the property you get a form where you select the property you would like to link the property you created for myallocator to the correct property in Bókun.

In the form, select your Bokun accommodation and click the “Link accommodation to Myallocator” button. What you are doing here is to say that your property in myallocator should be linked to your property in Bókun.

When you have linked your properties in Bókun and myallocator, you are taken to your property dashboard. On the property dashboard you manage your properties on myallocator and link properties and room types.

Managing Myallocator room types

The next thing you need to do is to link your Bokun accommodation room types with room types in Myallocator. To do this, click the “Room Types” tab on your property dashboard

To add a new Myallocator room type, click the “Add room” button. Then select the Bokun room type you want sent to Myallocator

Finally, click the button "room type to Myallocator". This will link the room types and take you back to the room types tab. Do this for each room type you want to make available through myallocator.

As you can see, Bokun will map your room type properties automatically. You can always click the “Refresh” button to update Myallocator with your latest room type info. If you no longer want to have this room type sold via Myallocator, you simply click the red “Remove Room type” button.


Under the Allotments tab you can select the quantity of Rooms available per month on the channels linked to myallocator. If you have e.g. 5 double rooms, you can say that in June and July only 2 should be available to myallocator. 

Push availability and rates

Now that the property and room types are ready, the next thing to do is to push your availability and rates to Myallocator. To do this, go to your property dashboard, and click the blue “Push availability and rates” button on the top right side of the screen:

Myallocator uses your default room rate

Please note that Myallocator only supports a single rate. Bokun will therefore only send your default room rate as defined on your room type.

Myallocator does not support extras

Myallocator does not support having optional extras on your room types. Therefore, we cannot at this time push your extras to Myallocator.

Managing Myallocator channels

Now that you have created and linked both your property and room types, and pushed your availability and rates to Myallocator, the next thing is to add the channels where you want your property to be sold. To do this, click the “Channels” tab

Click on the channel you wish to add and follow the setup instructions.

Search bookings from Myallocator

Once you have connected to the channels, you can search and import existing bookings. To do this, click on the “Search bookings” tab, and select the bookings you wish to import.

Disconnecting from Myallocator

If you want to disconnect from Myallocator, then you can click the red “Disconnect from Myallocator” button

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