The Marketplace allows companies using the Bókun Platform to negotiate terms for commission contracts. A commission contract between two Vendors allows one company to access the other company's product supply in real time and create bookings.

All Vendors can both act as Suppliers and Sellers in the marketplace. Keep this in mind when looking at opportunities in the Marketplace. 30% of all bookings made in Bókun are created between companies considered to be travel Suppliers.

Key Concepts of the Marketplace

Before explaining the marketplace, lets start by defining key concepts.

  • Vendor Any company using Bókun.
  • Supplier Any Vendor that owns products in Bókun.
  • Seller Any company who sells products from other Vendors in Bókun.
  • Reseller Contract A contract where you are the supplier, and the other Vendor is the Seller.
  • Supplier Contract A contract where you are the Seller, and the other Vendor is the supplier.

Browsing the Marketplace

  1. Navigate to Contract > Marketplace.
  2. Bókun will display a list of all the Vendors listed in your country as the initial view of the Marketplace. You can filter the marketplace by country in the Search.
  3. Once you have found your desired Partner in the marketplace you can:
    -  Evaluate the Vendor's products by clicking View Products.
    -  Take a look at the Vendor's price list by clicking View Price list.
    -  Create a Supplier Contract Proposal by clicking Add as supplier.
    -  Create a Reseller Contract Proposal by clicking Add as reseller

Proposing Contracts

As mentioned earlier you have the option of creating two types of contracts in Bókun. The settings for each contract type are the same, but the role of your Vendor is reversed for each type: 

  • Supplier contracts allow you to sell the other Vendor's products.
  • Reseller contracts allow you the other Vendor to sell your products.

Click either option on your desired Partner's name card in the Marketplace and proceed. After finishing the form and setting all your settings for the contract proposal, click the PROPOSE button at the bottom of the Contract Form Page. 

Here you can find more detailed information on how to propose contracts on Marketplace.

Responding to contract proposals

Once a contract has been proposed the other Vendor will receive a notification via email and will be encouraged to respond to your proposal. 

The response can be of three types:

  • Contract proposal is accepted and is immediately active.
  • Contract proposal is amended and needs be reviewed by you.
  • Contract proposal is declined.

Other Sales Channels (OTA Integrations)

It is important to make a distinction between the conventional Marketplace contracts and the integrations to OTA sellers Bókun offers. If you would like to connect your Bókun Account to any of the following Sellers you would not use the Marketplace. Click each seller's name below to find further information on how to integrate with them.

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