You can set on your marketplace contract at which point in time a seller or supplier can cancel and edit marketplace bookings. 

To change these setting start by going to marketplace by selecting "Contracts" from the top bar and "Marketplace" from the drop down list.

Find the contract you would like to edit and open it. In the contract you have to select "Click here to propose an amendment" to edit and send a proposal for the contract. 


On the amendment page you have an option to edit the changes and cancellation settings.

Booking changes and cancellations
Here you define whether and when suppler or seller is able to cancel and/or edit bookings. You have four options: 

  • Supplier may cancel bookings
  • Supplier may change bookings
  • Seller may cancel bookings
  • Seller may change bookings

Under each of the four options you have another four options., to decide when sellers and suppliers can change and cancel bookings: 

  • Always 
  • Before travel date 
  • After travel date
  • Never. 

When you have edited these settings, add a comment and send the proposal. 

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