In case you already have a contract in place on the marketplace and you have new products created on Bokun, you will have to update the contract with your seller so that he has access to sell your products. 

To update the contract, you have to update the Contract terms that are connected to the marketplace contract and add the new products to the terms. 

Start by selecting "Contracts" on the top bar, then select "Contract terms" from the drop down list: 

Select the contract term you need to update from the list of available contract terms: 

In the Contract terms select the "Product selection" tab to add more products to the terms: 

To add the products to the list of available products, select the plus sign in front of the product on the left hand side. When you select the plus sign, the product moves to the left hand side of the page where the products that are available to the contract are. 

You can also the "add all below" button if you would like to add all your products at the same time: 

Next, you need to go back to the "Terms" tab to save the changes for your product selection:

The last step is to update the contract on the marketplace with your seller. You can do that here in the Contract Terms by selecting the "Sellers" tab. There you can send a new proposal to all the sellers that are connected to this particular contract terms:

To update the contracts, select the checkbox at the front of the line to select the seller you want to update the contract for. Write a comment in the comment field and then select "propose amendment". Now there is an amendment proposal waiting with the seller, that he has to accept for the changes to take place. 

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