This article explains how a Booking Agent's user logs in to Bókun and creates a booking.

Information on how to give booking Agent's access to your Bókun account can be found here.

To log in as an Booking Agent with your newly created credentials please go to the login link that you have received from the supplier.

When you to to the ink the log-in screen appears. Insert your credentials, you have received from your supplier. Read the Terms of Service and accept if you want to keep on going.

Once logged as a booking agent you have three tabs/buttons.

The first one is the name of the supplier. In this case it is "Happy Summer Adventures". When you select the name of the supplier you come back to this first page, Sales Feed, where you have overview of all bookings created.

The Second is New booking. New booking is your booking interface. To create bookings select new bookings and you get a list of the products you can book from your supplier. The booking process will be explained in detail below.

The third button is help. If you select this button you will go to an online help-desk for Bókun, the software that powers this service.

To create a booking select "New booking" on the top bar.

When you select new booking you come to the page where you create your bookings. This is a shopping cart so you can add multiple products for the same customer in one cart.

At the top of the page you have four tabs. Each tab is for a different product type. You can book accommodation, tours & activities, cars and transport (e.g. return busses) given that your supplier offers all of these product types.

There below you have a search engine where you can search for products, search with in specific date ranges and for quantity of spaces you need to book.

Below the search engine and product tabs you have a list over the products you can book. If you select the small information sign on the right hand site, you can get images and more detailed information on the product.

To get a booking engine, select the name of the product on the left hand side of the screen.

When you select the name of the product you get a booking engine for this product. the booking engine shows you the real time availability from the suppliers and the prices that you and the supplier have negotiated.

The booking engine doesn´t allow you to select more seats than are available so you can confidently book and be sure that there are seats available for the selected date.

If the days are available the will appear green, white days are not available and red days are sold out.

When you have selected a date, quantity of passengers, pickup and any other extras available and book. Then you get a screen asking you whether you would like to continue with this booking or to add more products to a shopping cart.

If you select "Add to the booking" you return to the product list screen and you can add more products to your shopping cart in the same way as we just did.

If you select "Finish this booking" you continue to the next step where you add the customer information and give information about the customer as the supplier asks for.

When you select "Finish this booking" whether you do it now or after adding more products to the shopping cart the first screen you arrive to will ask you for the customer name and some more detailed information. The only fields on this screen that are mandatory are First name and Last name.

Select "Save Changes" in the lower right hand corner to continue.

You are taken to the second step of the booking process "Booking Details" where you are asked for information directly related to the product you are booking. What you are asked for here depends on the product booked. You could be asked for the Hotel the customer is staying if pick up to hotel is offered, if you rented hiking boots you might be asked for customer shoe size, for diving you might be asked if the customer has PADI certification and so on. In some cases you might not get any questions.

Select "Continue" the lower right hand corner to continue to the "Payment & confirmation" step.

Note that you can go between the steps by selecting e.g. "Step 1: Customer" then you will be taken back to step 1.

In the third and last step, "Payment & Confirmation" you get an overview of the products you have added to the shopping cart and the brake down of the invoice.

To confirm your booking select "Save"

In some cases, the checkout might lead you directly to a payment site. In those cases you will have to pay with a credit card on the suppliers online payment gateway/site. This depends on how your contract with your supplier is set up.

In either case when you have confirmed your booking you will go to a screen that shows you the details of the booking you just created.

IN the booking you have information on you as a seller. The customer. The product you booked and all the information you filled in the booking process. In this case there was a lunch-pack included where you go questions on if the customer is allergic to some food items.

By now if you go back to the first page, by selecting the name of the supplier at the top bar. You will go to your sales feed.

On your sales feed you have a feed of all the bookings you have created. You can enter any booking by selecting the booking number.

By now the supplier has received the booking and his availability has updated accordingly.

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