Agents, are sellers who are external to Bókun, for whom you can create a login for where they can book the products you give them permit to book.

Agents have two uses: 

  • You can give them a login so they can book your products themselves. 
  • You can add an agent to a booking that you have created manually so the booking registered to the agent and you can track his sales and commissions.

Create a Booking Agent 

Navigate to Contracts > Booking Agents

Click  Add  to create a new booking agent

You fill in all the information on your Agent at this point. 

The mandatory fields for each Agent are: 

  • Booking Agent Name.
  • Company name.
  • Company registration address.
  • Booking agent terms (further information about booking agent terms here).
  • Service contact e-mail or phone number.

All other fields can be left empty or filled in at a later point. 

Booking agent Status: 

Approved: the agent can start to book right away
Pending: the agent is ready, but pending your approval before he can start booking
Rejected: Agent that you have closed for some reason.

Company Details

Company name
The registered name of the Booking Agent company 

Registration number
The companies registration number if any. In Iceland this is kennitala. 

Vat number
Vat number if needed. 

Registration address
The booking agents street address 

Billing address is same as registration address
Check this box if the billing address is the same as the registration address. 

Billing address
The billing address, if it not the same as the company address.

Bank Account

The bank account information are not required. The bank information can be added, just for you to have them on file. 

Booking Agent Service Contact 

In this sections the mandatory fields are. 

  • First name
  • Last name 
  • Email or phone number

Booking Billing Contact 

In this sections the mandatory fields are. 

  • Email or phone number

Account settings 

Language: select the preferred language for your agent.
Business category: Select the type of seller the booing agent is.

Booking Agent Terms

Online contract: Add the terms that are applicable to this contract. Terms is where you define the commission the agent should receive. You also define which products are available to the agent in the terms. You can use the same term on multiple agent contracts. Here you find information on how to set up terms for your agents.

The checkboxes define the checkout options your agents will have. Choose the ones this agent should have available, you can choose more than one option: 

  • Allow booking as affiliate (pay online with travelers card, full rate)
  • Allow booking as reseller (accepts payment on your behalf, full rate). Must have positive balance or overdraft limit. (The Overdraft limit is set after you save this page)
  • Allow booking as customer (pay online with card, net rate)

Agent Territory:

Account manager: Is the person in your company who is the contact person for this agent.
User roles manage who can be an account manager. Those who are Admins and those who have Manage Booking Agent Accounts" 

Booking area settings: 

Booking area: choose the booking area this agent should have access to. In the booking area you set up lists of available products and can choose the theme for this area. Here are more detailed information on booking areas.Subdomain: add the domain, where the agent can book your products. This is only necessary for public booking areas. The Domain will be a part of the URL you can send to your Booking agents to book your tours in a public area. This is how your booking URL will look like:

If you are agent log in to book, his login URL is the same as yours. You find that URL by selecting "the menu icon" in the top left corner, then you select "settings" from the drop down list.

Public area: If you select this checkbox the agent will not have to login and the booking are is open to anyone with the link to it.

Remember to save before leaving this page, so you will not loose your work. 

After you save this page you get to an overview page where you can see all your settings for the agent. On the overview page you can set the overdraft you would like to allow your booking agent to have permit to for. E:g. you can say this agent can book for 100.000USD, before he has to pay you to renew his overdraft. 

In the balance column you can select view to see the balance and the bookings that have been created. 

In the Overdraft limit, you can set the overdraft amount and balance by selecting "Edit"

Allow your new Agent to log directly on to the platform

You can allow your agent's staff members to log in to your Bókun account to save time. 

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