Booking Agent Terms is where you define the commission/discount the agent should receive and the products are available to the agent in the terms. You can use the same term on multiple agent contracts, so you can create 2-3 general terms and apply to your agents. Then you can have individual terms for the agents that don´t fit into you general terms. 

Note: If you already have booking agents (before 10.11.2017), then you have a list of Booking agents terms, that have been created and include the same commissions your agents had. If you are new to add booking agents, then you have an empty screen and start by creating a Booking agent term. 

To create booking agent terms select "Contract" on the top bar, then select "Booking Agent Terms" from the drop down list. 

Select "Add" to create a new agent term. To edit a current term select the name of the term you need to update. 

Start by filling in the form: 

Title: the name of the contract term
Price Catalogue: select the price catalogue that should be used in this agent contract term.
Payment currency: select the currency this contract term should be in. The currency here is the currency the agent will book in and the invoices between you and the agent will be in.
Product Distribution: Create a distribution rule to select which products should be available to the agent. Here are information on how to set up Product distribution for agents.

Below the form you have A field named "Defaults" in this field you add the default discount/commission you are going to give your booking agent. The"Defaults" means that these are the commission available for all the Activities products this agent can book from you, no matter if those are your own products or products from your suppliers (via marketplace contracts) that you are selling forward to your Booking agents. 

However, in the case you are selling to your booking agents products from your suppliers, you probably want to give them lower commission than for you own products, and lower commission than you are getting from your supplier.

So what you can do is to go to the right hand side of the screen. There you can "Add supplier". 

This means you can override the commission that is set up in the defaults for certain suppliers. You could e.g. put your self as a special term and then use the defaults for the products from your suppliers. Then you can add lower commission in the Defaults for you suppliers and higher commission for your own products. 

Add the commission in the correct field. Note that you have add a different commission for Extras. You can also add a different commission for pickup/dropoff, if you are pricing your pickup/dropoff separately from the product. 

Save at the bottom of the screen. 

Now after you have saved the commission you can go to the "Booking Agent Terms" tab at the top of the screen. 

On this tab you can see which agent has which term. You can select the plus sign to move the agent over to this term. When you have moved those agents that need to be moved, go back to the "Terms" and save. When you save this new term is valid on the contract. 

The next steps are to: 

Create a Booking agent. Here you can find information on how to create booking agents.

Then after that you can create a user for your agents so they log in and book your products. Here you can find more information on how to create booking agent users.

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