Agent booking area is the page your booking agent goes to, when he logs in to make a booking for your products. You can set up multiple agent areas, or just use a standard one for all your agents. 

If you have not created agents yet, here are information on how booking agents work and how you set them up.

You can set the theme to choose the colours for your booking area. Here are more information on how you can change the look and feel of your booking area.

How to create my booking area

To set up your own booking area, start by selecting "Contracts" on the top bar, then select "Booking areas" from the drop down list. 

Select "Add" to create a new booking area. If you have already created one, it will be shown on the list for you to edit. 

To edit or create the Booking area you have few options.

Title: Add a title for the booking area. The agent will see this title
Logo: Upload the logo you would like to show on the booking area
Landing page photos: Add one or more photos. The pictures rotate and show the agent a new one each time he logs in.
Landing page list: This is the list of products your agent sees when he opens the booking area.
To add products to your booking area, you have to set up product lists to select which products are available to your booking agents. If you do not already have a product list, you can select "Products -> product lists" to set up a list. Here are more detailed information on how to set up product lists
Landing page highlight list: You can set up separate product list with e.g. products you want to highlight. Here are more detailed information on how to set up product lists
Product lists: In this field the lists that should be available to your booking area are selected.
Languages: Select the languages you would like to have the option to translate your content into
Theme: Select the theme for your booking area. The theme is the look and feel of your booking area. There is a default theme on your account. But you can also set up your own customised there by selecting "Contracts -> Booking area themes". Here are more information on how to edit your theme.
At the bottom of the page, remember to save, so you will not lose your work. 

How does my booking area look like? 

To preview your booking area, you can go back to the top of the page. There are two tabs. Select the "Agents using this area" tab to see which suppliers are assigned to this booking area: 

You will get a list of the agents assigned to the booking area. Select "Preview" to see how your booking area looks and works: 

Here is an example of a booking area: 

If you select e.g. "View all Tours & activities", you get a full list of all available activities, and filters to search for the desired activity. It is recommended to add pictures to all of your tours. Otherwise your booking area will end up showing gray pictures, like in this example: 

To book, select the picture for the tour, and enter the booking process: 

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