An affiliate is someone who is reselling your products and you define in your Bókun system. The affiliate is in most cases someone external to Bókun who is selling your products. Either on his website with via a booking widget you have provided them or by using a tracking code and redirect back to your own website for booking.

The affiliate tracking allows you to keep track of all sales taking place via your affiliates. The affiliate keeps record of all bookings and keeps track of payable commission in Affiliate Sales report (Reports -> Affiliate sales)

There are three use cases for affiliate tracking:

  1. Affiliate tracking code to track clicks from sellers web to your own booking engines.
  2. Create an online booking engine, add the affiliate to it to track bookings, and e-mail to your re-seller.
  3. Manually add affiliates to bookings you add to Bókun.

However, before you do any of these three options the first thing is to create affiliates.

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