What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are one of three types of re-sellers in available in the Bókun platform.

Using Affiliates a s amethod to increase booking is very popular in the travel industry.  A travel blogger joins your tour and writes a great article about their experience. The blogger wants to link to your website to their website and earn a commission from sales that are created after his readers book your products. 

How do I track my affiliates?

You can track your affiliates using a uniwue code that they can add to the URL.

How do I set up affiliate tracking?

1. Create your affiliate by navigating to Contracts > Affiliates.
Once you save the affiliate, a Tracking code appears

How do I add a tracking code to a booking engine? 

For the tracking code urls to work, you need to configure your booking engines with the tracking code. All widgets can use the tracking code feature.

  1. Navigate to your Widgets.
  2. Open the settings for the booking engine you want to use affiliate sales tracking for.
  3. At the bottom of the page, you will see a Checkbox labelled Get affiliate tracking code from query string. Check this box.
  4. Changing the value of Affiliate tracking code query param name is optional, but this string is used to create the URL your affiliate links to. If you change this, you need to reflect the changes in the url

How do I change the URL to include the affiliate tracking code?

To generate the url that your affiliate will use to link his tracking code, you add: ?trackingCode=[Insert the Tracking Code here] at the end of the url.

If your booking engine is embedded on a page that has the address:

Your affiliate will use the URL:

Other tracking methods for affiliates

You can also:

  1. Create booking engines for your affiliates for them to display on their website.
  2. Configure booking channels to track affiliate sales. 
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