Lets say you have booked a Golden Circle tour for your customers, then they realised that they would rather like to do the Horses and Golden Circle tour, you can move their booking from the Golden Circle to the Horses and Golden Circle Tour.

The passenger information and the payment is moved from the first tour to the second one. If the second tour is cheaper or more expensive the booking will be marked respectively as overpaid or deposit.

To move bookings from one tour to another start by finding the booking you need to change and open it. You could e.g. search for a booking reference number or a name in your booking feed.

In the booking press the "Rebook Activity" button that is in the grey side bar.

When you press that button you get the option of choosing any of your tours to move the booking to.

When the booking is moved between tours, you have to choose the pricing categories again. This is because the pricing categories are not necessarily the same between tours. E.g. the Golden Circle has the pricing categories Adults, Teenagers and Children. However, The Horses and Golden Circle tour has only Adults and Children. In these cases you have to decide how you want to move your passengers and decide whether the teenagers become adults or children in the new booking.

When you have completed to choose the new pricing categories, choose book and the booking will be moved to the new tour.

What happens in the process is that the first booking gets cancelled then the system creates automatically new booking for the second tour.

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