Depending on your payment provider you can refund directly, bookings made after the 09.04.2017, to your customer in Bókun. 

The payment providers who have this option are:  

  • Borgun Payment Gateway
  • Valitor Payment Gateway 
  • Stripe
  • Braintree 

The other payment providers do not currently not support this option. Some are not able to support refund services for security reasons others have various reasons. 

If you are not using these payment options you can find more information here on refunds. 

To refund a booking, go the booking you need to refund. Find the booking on the sales feed and select the booking number to enter it. 

Select the payment tab in the booking. 

Select the refund button, below the paid quantity.

NOTE: There is also another "Add refund" button, that button does not refund to a credit card, but allows you to add refunds on the booking for line items that might not have been paid with a credit card. 

Add the amount you need to refund, you can do full refunds and partial refunds. Save to refund to the customers credit card. 

Note: this refund is only for online payments. If Extras, pickup or other cost items have been added to the booking after it was made. Those items cannot be refunded to the customers credit card, because it was not paid with a credit card originally. 

Thus there might be more than one line items on the booking, but just one of the refundable via credit card to the customer. 

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