Most suppliers have a regular schedule for tours, but occasionally get asked to do private departures or group departures. Some of them will be booking the activities you have on offer outside of your regular schedule and with different price. 

There are few methods in Bókun to book and set up activities that are not your normal schedule. Below are some are examples, if what you need is not covered here, be in touch and we will take a look at your case.

What will cover in this article

  • Manually book activities outside of your regular schedule in the admin interface.
  • Set up private tours your customers can book online. 

Book your regular activities outside of your regular schedule

You can set all your Tours & Activities to be bookable outside of your regular schedule. This allows you to book e.g. your 09.00 Rafting Adventures, at 11.00 for a private group. This option also allows you to add the group price to the booking. 

First you have to enable "customised booking" feature on your products. You enable this feature in your product, under the "Product settings" tab. You can find more detailed information on how to enable customised bookings on this link. 

Next, you can book your products outside of your regular schedule. To book custom bookings you will have to book on your Booking desk (Bookings -> Booking Desk). Below the available departure times you now select "customized booking". More details on how to book customized bookings can be found on this link.

Create private tours - Bookable online 

There are few variations on how private tours, to be bookable on your website, can be set up in Bókun. 

As an example I am going to use a Private Tour on a Super jeep. The Jeep can seat up to 6 people and the price is 1100EUR, irrelevant how many passengers are coming.

The first thing to do is to create my product by selecting "products -> tours & activities". Here are more detailed information on how to create a new product

When I have set up the basics of my product I come to the main settings site for the product. 

The first thing I will do is to define my departure time. This is a private tour so I would like my customer to be able to select at what time he goes on the tour. So I select Flexible, instead of adding departure times, then my customer is booking the date not a predefined hour. Then later on I am going to use Extras, to add a question in the booking process to ask about when they would like to take off. 

If you want to have fixed departure time then you select fixed and add your departure time. 

The second step is to create a Pricing category that has just one price on it. I will call my category "Super jeep 1-6 pax" and add that one to the product. Then when I price the product  I will add the total price of 1100EUR on this pricing category. 

The third step is to price the product, to add prices I go to the "Pricing" tab and add the total prices of 1100EUR to the product. 

The forth step is to add the availability for the product. In this case the Super Jeeps I own are the availability. I own one super jeep so I will add 1 as my availability for the whole year. To add availability I go to the "Availability" tab. There I select the "Actions" button to add availability for longer date ranges. Here are more detailed information on how to add availability.

The fifth step is to add questions to your booking process. These questions can be anything you have to ask your customers about to get the information you need for their activity. 

There are 2 questions I am adding. 

  • At what time would you like to be picked up to start your tour? 
  • How many are you? 

I didn´t add departure time, so I will ask the customer when he would like to start his day. Possibly you can give suggestions, e.g. 09.00 in the morning is recommended.

Then since the product is being booked and priced by the quantity of jeeps, not people, I'll ask how many passengers will be joining the tour and give the predefined options of 1,2,3,4,5,6 pax. 

You can create any question you thinking of here, other examples are if the destination is not predefined to allow the customer select from a drop down list where he would like to go. You can add as an extra that has a price to it,  to create addons for your trip, e.g. snowmobile on hour 150EUR per person.  

You add extras by selecting the "Extras" tab on the product. Here are more detailed information on how to create extras

Now I can publish the product and take a look at how the booking engine will look.

The customer selects his date in the first step of the booking process.

The customer gets the questions you created in the second step. 

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