Booking Desk is where you can book you own Experience products. Booking Desk allows you to overbook for your own products and also to book in the past, if you have sales manager permit.

Booking desk also enables you to book your activities as "custom bookings", that means you can book you products outside of your regular schedule, with a custom title, description, duration and price.
Here is information on how you enable customised bookings.

To enter you Booking desk select "Bookings" from the top bar, then select "Booking Desk" from the drop down list. 

The first step is to select the product you intend to book from a drop down list of your own products. Then select the date and the departure time, and continue. 

On the left hand side of the screen you fill in the customer information. On the right hand side of the screen you see the invoice as you generate it.

In this step you add your customers information, the fields that are required are: 

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Payment
  • Participants

All other fields are optional. 

Rate: select the rate that you need for this booking.
Participants: select how many you are booking for and select how many extras you need. When you select extras the questions that belong to the extras and need to be answered appear on the right hand side of the screen.
Customer: Fill in the customer information. First name and last name are mandatory.
Email ticket: check this box to email the ticket and customer invoice to the customer.
Currency: select the currency you are booking in, if other than your default currency.
Payment: Here you have four payment options to select from: This is a mandatory field

  • Card - customer paid with card 
  • Cash - customer paid cash 
  • Not paid - customer has to pay on arrival (it will say not paid on his ticket) 
  • Free - customer is a free passenger 

if the customer will pay a seller that you have to invoice, select either card or cash.

Discount: Add discount if any.
Ext. booking ref: Add and external booking reference number, e.g from an agent you are booking for.
Note for Booking: These notes are common notes that follow the booking, they do not appear on any lists. If a reseller adds a comment on the booking e.g. "Needs to sit in front", the supplier sees this note on the booking.
Note to appear on finance reports:
These noes are for financial / accounting information and do not appear on operations reports.
Note to appear on operations reports:
These notes appear in operations lists, e.g. participant lists.
Sales source: select e.g. agent or affiliate that belongs to the booking.
Booking labels: If you are using booking labels add the relevant label on to the booking.
Save: save the booking when you have filled in the required information 

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