There are two methods to book accommodation in Bókun.  One is for accommodation suppliers and the other one is better suited for re-sellers who are searching and booking from multiple accommodations. This article is for re-sellers.

To book accommodation as a reseller start by selecting "Bookings" from the top bar, then select "Book: Accommodation" from the drop down list. 

On the page you arrive to, you have a search engine where you can search for accommodation for a certain date range. 

When you search you get all available accommodation that is available for the dates you selected appear below the search window.

In the case you get multiple options for accommodation on the dates you selected, you have a filter on the right hand side where you can filter by accommodation name, if the offer certain services etc. 

When you have found the accommodation you intend to book, select the plus sign to add the accommodation to your shopping cart

In the next step you can add your booking to your shopping cart and finish the booking process or you can keep on shopping and add more products to your shopping cart.

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