Activity Dashboards offers a birds-eye view of your day, week, or some other date range. The Dashboard shows which days have been booked, where you still have empty spaces and offer you a quick way to book into available departures.

To enter the activity dashboard select "Bookings" on the top bar and "Activity Dashboard" from the drop down list.

You enter on the current day, with an overview showing you all booked products for the day. 

If you would like to view also unbooked activities check the "Show unbooked" checkbox. 

At the top of the page you have few filters: 

Tour Activity: allows you to filter to see individual tours or all activities.
Name: Allows you to search for individual bookings
The date field, allows you to search for a certain date range. 

If we look more closely at the lines with the activities, there are few actions: 

The arrow at the end of line shows you the passenger list for the departure if you select it. 

The you have the departure time and the name of the product. 

Next you have three columns with numbers.

The first one shows you how many seats are available. This column will say closed, sold out if that is the case.
The second one shows you have many seats have been booked
The thrid shows how many passenger have been marked as arrived. 

The last at the other end you have a plus sign, when selected you will be taken to the booking desk to book this particular departure you selected. 

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