With your accommodation you have the option of closing down your accommodation per season, day, building, floor and single rooms.

The options closing of days gives you are:

  • Close your accommodation for stay
  • Close your accommodation for arrivals
  • Close your accommodation for departures
  • Or all of the above

To add closings to your accommodation select "Bookings" from the top bar and "Accommodation Front Desk" from the drop down list.

You have two options of adding closures: 

Option 1
You can close just individual days by checking the checkbox at the top of the column for the day and select "Close selected Dates" 

Option 2
You can closer longer date ranges and individual rooms, room types and buildings. To do that select "Closures" on the Front Desk:

After you selected "closures" in the last step you come to a page where you have overview of all your closures.

To create a new closing rule select "add" at the top of the page.

You have various options of how to close and what to close. the options available are listed here: 

What is closed?

  • Close selected room types in this building: The first thing to select is what room types to close. e.g. single rooms, double rooms.
  • Close selected room rates: select the room rates you would like to close, e.g. standard, standard non-refundable.
  • Close selected rooms in this building: select the single rooms to close if needed.

When is it closed? 

In this section you select the time frame the closing is valid for.

  • For a single day: select if your accommodation is closed for a single day.
  • For a specific date range: select to close your accommodation down for e.g. the winter season.
  • For a date range that repeats every year: select to add a yearly closing that is repeated every year.

How is it closed? 

In this section you can select more than one option.

  • Closed for arrival: Select if the customer can stay at the hotel, but it is not possible to arrive this day/date range.
  • Closed for departure: Select if the customer can stay at the hotel, but it is not possible to depart this day/date range.
  • Closed for stay: Select if the guest cannot stay at the hotel for the day/date range selected (this options closes automatically for arrivals/departures)

Why is it closed? 

Here you can add a comment, if needed, as to why these rooms are closed, e.g. closed because the bathroom was being renovated.

At the end save before continuing and repeat this step for every closing you need to add.

How do you see your closed days: 

Closed day appear red on your Front Desk and it depends on the type of closing you have added how the day will be coloured.

  • Fully red days are closed for stay, e.g. 17th and 18th
  • Red arrow pointing to the right is closed for arrivals, e.g. 17th and 18th
  • Red arrow pointing to the left is closed for departures e.g. 15th
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