To check in guests to your accommodation when they arrive, start by entering your Accommodation Front Desk.

Select "Bookings" on the black top bad and "Accommodation Front Desk" from the drop down list.

On your accommodation Front Desk you automatically get today´s overview.

The bookings that you have for the day have been either automatically or manually assigned to rooms.

Here below Doe, has been assigned to room 105, but he has not been checked in. To check Doe in, select the arrow by his name.

Select "Check in" from the drop down list.

Now Doe has turned green and is checked into room 105.

Three days late you want to check Doe out. To do that select again the arrow by his name. And select Check out from the drop down list.

Doe, turns pink and is checked out. Leaving room 105 available to check in the next guest.

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