If you have guests booked for accommodation for check-in next Monday, but they decide to postpone their arrival for one day you need to move your booking from Monday to Tuesday.

This is done via the accommodation front desk.

Method 1. Using the drop down menu.

  1. Open your Front Desk and set it to the Day or Week view (in the top-left corner)
  2. Find the booking you need to move,
  3. Click the drop down menu on the right of the booking container.
  4. Select the new date on the calendar. (note that in the following example the booking is for two nights).

Method 2. Using Drag and Drop.

  1. Find the booking you need to move in your front desk.
  2. Make sure you expand the booking desk's view to show you the new arrival date.
  3. Click the handle on on the left side of the booking container.
  4. Drag the booking to the new arrival date and confirm the change.
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