To enter your Accommodation Front Desk select "Bookings" on the black top bar and "Accommodation Front Desk" from the drop down list.

To create bookings for a certain room at a certain date you start by selecting in the calendar the date you want to book at. It doesn't matter whether you have the daily overview or a week overview. Just what you think is comfortable.

To add a new booking, simply click on the room on the date you wish to check in. When you click on the date you are moved to the booking form.

There are three tabs on the form: “Rooms & Payment, Guests and Notes”.

Rooms & Payment

In the Stay details, you select the quantity of nights the guests are staying. The system tells you how many days are available for this particular room you selected to book. In this case (see screenshot below) the selected room is available for the next 110 nights.

If you add more than one room, then the room with the fewest available nights will limit the max checkout date for the booking.

By default the stay length is a single day. However, you can change the checkout date either by selecting a new date in the date field or by modifying the number of nights. The max number of nights is limited by how long the rooms are available.

In the Rooms section, you can change the room type you selected. The reason for this is that in Bókun you can sell the same room as different room types (and price differently). For example, a room could be sold as single and double (with different prices). This means that when you book a particular room you need to select what room type it is being sold as, because this can affect pricing.

You can add more rooms in the case that you are booking e.g. two double rooms at the same time, as long as they are available for the whole duration of the stay.

If the blue plus sign is selected, available extras for this room type appear and you can add them to the booking and select the quantity of those extras.

In the customer section you add the customer information.

In the payment section, you can give the customer discount and select how he wants to proceed with payment.


Under this tab you can add the guests in the booking. Here you can add the name and nationality of all the guests that are staying in each room. If you would be booking two rooms in one booking you add the guests to their right room.

Note that you cannot add more guests to a room than the max for the room is. E.g. in this case the max quantity of guests are three so you cannot add more than three guests.

You can add each guest manually, or if you have the guest list in a spreadsheet (such as Excel or Google spreadsheets), you can copy and paste the list directly from there. Please note that we require a specific column order for this to work:

  • first name
  • last name (*required)
  • nationality
  • phone number
  • email address
  • passport number
  • age

Here is a link to an example guest list spreadsheet that you can copy from:


On the third tab you can add notes and comments to the booking.

Note for booking is just on the booking and is shared between seller and suppliers.

Note for Finance appears on finance reports.

Note for operations appears on guest lists and daily overview lists.

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