Place groups allow you to group your pick-up places together and add different pick-up lists to different products as needed.

Example: Let's say you are operating in two different cities. In that case, you would like to have products leaving from city A only offering pick up places in city A, and tours from city B should only offer pick up from city B. Another example is if you have a tour that drives a certain route out of your city. You would like all of your pick up locations to be available, except for three that are located on the other far end of your city. In this case, you can create a rule that excludes these certain places. 

The first thing to do, before you start sorting your pick up places, is to add your pick up places.

Group together pick-up and drop off places

1. Select "Products" and "Pick-up places". 

2. Select "Groups" by clicking the grey button. 

3. Select "Create place groups" by clicking the blue button. 

4. Fill out the Place group form. In the drop down menu under "Included" you can choose from including all places, only places with ceratin labels or handpicking places yourself. You can also exclude some places. A preview is shown on the right. When the list is ready, click "Submit" at the bottom right. 

Now you can add your pick-up place groups to your products

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