This article will walk you through how to: edit a booking (date, time, number of travelers), and how to cancel and rebook the experience.

Who is able to edit bookings?

Suppliers who book their own products can edit their bookings.
Marketplace sellers can edit all aspects of the booking, but not the supplier because the seller is the merchant of record (holds the payment and owns the customer). It is possible to change these settings in marketplace contracts to allow the supplier to cancel and edit bookings. 

How to edit bookings:

1. Open the SalesFeed by clicking on the top menu bar under Bookings.

2. Once in the Sales Feed, select the booking you want to edit. You select the booking by clicking the reference code on the left side of the reservation details. 

3. Once you are in the booking, click the top right booking reference number.

The next page that appears is where you can edit the following information:

  1. Change date and time
  2. The number of passengers
  3. Pick up and drop off & Extras
  4. Rebooking your Experience 
  5. Change date and time 
  6. Create a Ticket PDF
  7. Generate a passenger list for this activity

Learn how to rebook your activity in this article.

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