Every now and then we get a question from suppliers about cancellations on marketplace bookings. In many cases, suppliers need the ability to cancel marketplace bookings. Bókun offers this possibility, but the marketplace contract needs to be correctly configured.

By default Bókun assumes that Sellers want to cancel bookings, since they have to reimburse the customer and force cancellation fees. This means that the default settings for marketplace contracts do not allow suppliers to cancel bookings made by their sellers.

Allowing the supplier to cancel bookings made by his reseller.

To override this default behaviour of Bókun, we have to take a look at the contract made between the seller and the supplier and amend / change the contract.

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace.
  2. Search for the contract you want to amend.
  3. Click the View reseller / supplier contract link on your partners profile.
  4. Click Propose amendment at the bottom of the contract page.
  5. Check This supplier is allowed to cancel product bookings. 
  6. Click Propose at the bottom of the page.

The Screenshot below shows you the location of the checkbox mentioned for item 4 on the list above.

What happens when amend / change to a contract is proposed?

You should be aware that your partner has to accept the proposal before the function changes. This means you might have to get in touch with the Vendor you are changing your contract with. 

The old contract will of course be active until the new proposal is accepted.

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