What are pick up places?

Pick up places are the different locations that offer pick up services for. If your experiences includes pick up, you can add pick up places to let your customer know where you can pick them up from.

How to add pick up places:

  1. Select "Products" and then from the drop down list, select"Pick-up places".  

2. You can create pick up places  manually by adding a single pick-up place by clicking the "Create pick-up place" button or by importing a list of pick-up places from an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the "Import from file" button. 

Create a Pick up Place Location Manually:
Fill in the form with the pick up address. The form searches the map and places a blue pin at the location. If your address does not appear, you can add the address for the pick up place manually and drag the pin on the map to a correct location. 

When the form is completed, click "Submit" button at the bottom right. 

Import Pick Up Places from file:

1. To upload your document, click "Choose file" and locate it on your computer. When the file is uploaded, click "Save" at the bottom left. 

Group together pick-up and drop off places

1. Select "Groups" by clicking the grey button on the Pick up places page

2. Select "Create place groups" by clicking the blue button 

4. Fill out the Place group form. In the drop down menu under "Included" you can select:

  • include all places, all the pick up places that you have added
  • only places with certain labels, only selecting pick up places with certain labels, like "airport"
  • hand selecting places yourself

You can also exclude some places. A preview is shown on the right. When the list is ready, click "Submit" at the bottom right. 

Other Information that you can add:

Allotment for pick-ups
Meeting points: Pick-up and drop off services

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