If you add new products to Bokun. There are three steps you need to complete: 

  1. Create the products in both systems (Bokun and Expedia)

2. Add the new product to your Expedia Contract Terms

  • Select  "Contracts" from the top bar, then you select  "Contract Terms" from the drop down list: 
  • Select the Expedia contract terms from the list of your contract terms: 
  • Go to the "Product Selection" tab and add the missing product to the list of selected products for Expedia. You add the products by selecting the plus sign in front of the product on the left hand side of the screen: 
  • When the product is selected it goes to the selected product list on the right hand side of the screen. To save the changes go back to the "Terms" tab and save your changes: 

Now your new products are available to be connected  to Expedia. 

3. Contact your account manager at Expedia and let them know you added a new product that they need to connect for you. 

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