You can talk to your sellers or suppliers about bookings, in the booking. By doing that the conversation is always connected to the booking and the conversation is always available for everyone to see. E.g. If there is an issue, change or some additional information it's perfect to send it as a message to your supplier/seller, they can reply and you can both keep track of the process.

Conversation are a tab available in any booking where there is a seller and supplier. In this tab you can talk about bookings and send messages related to this booking on the booking. Instead of having to take the conversations to your e-mail where it is not visible on the booking.

To start a conversations, you start by opening the booking e.g. by selecting the booking reference number on Sales Feed (Bookings -> Sales Feed) 

In the booking there are four tabs, select the "Conversation" tab to start a conversation. 

On the conversation page you have a chat feature. You can write a message and send it to your seller/supplier. 

When you have sent the message, you see it in the chat feed. In the same chat feed you get the replies from the other party. You also see that there is a response needed from the supplier/seller. 

So now you have sent the message and you are waiting for a reply. When you sent the message the supplier/seller receives an e-mail notification that there is a message. The notification e-mail is the same mail you get your booking notifications sent to (Menu icon in the top left corner -> Settings)  There will also pop up a notification in Bókun.

They will go into Bókun, open the booking and see the message from you and reply within the booking. 

When they reply, the same happens you get an e-mail and a notification in Bókun that there is a pending message. 

When you receive the message, this is how the conversation will look like, both for you and the other seller/supplier. 

When the conversation is finished you can select "close" to close the conversation.

You can always open the conversation again if needed and continue your conversation: 

Search for open conversations

You can filter the sales feed to only see open conversation and/or conversations that are waiting for you to reply. 

To filter for open conversation and/or conversations awaiting reply select "More search options" on sales feed.

Then check either one or both boxes depending on whether you are looking for open conversation or conversations awaiting reply. To filter the list select the blue search button. 

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