After your tours you can send your customers an automated email, with a review link where the customer can give you review for the tour. 

You can collect written reviews from your customers. The customer will also get a net promoter score review. In the Net Promoter Score the customer is asked to rate on the scale 0 - 10 how likely the are to recommend the service to a friend.

The Net- promoter score is data that is available to you on your Bókun account, as well as the reviews. The text reviews you will be able to add to your website. Currently you can collect reviews and soon you will be able to show them in an easy to embed widget on your website. 

How to send a review link to your customers 

To send a review link to your customer you set up an automated message, that is sent to your customers e.g. 2 days after their tour. You can write your message and add a review link to it. 

To set up an automated message including a review link. You start by selecting the "Menu Icon in top left corner" then you select "Automated messages" from the drop down list. 

Select add to create a new Automated message

When you set up the message you have to fill in the fields in the form. 

What is required to send out the review link is: 

  • Message trigger: X days after travel (any other trigger will not send a review link) 
  • Trigger day: how many days after departure is the message supposed to send 
  • Message body: add the place holder for the review link, so there will be review link in the message for the customer. 

Save the message before continuing. 

Example of how the review e-mail and review pages look like 

Here is an example of how the e-mail your customer receives looks like.

When your customer selects the review link he is taken to this review page: 

How to see your reviews in Bókun 

To see your reviews you have a Review Dashboard in Bókun. To enter your review dashboard select "reports" on the top bar, then select "Review Dashboard" from the dropdown list. 

You have two tabs on your review dashboard 

"Review Dashboard" where you have statistics for your rating and you can see your Net promoter score. You can filter your review statistics by product type and individual products. 

"Incoming Reviews" a list view of the bookings where you have received reviews on. You can filter your reviews based on Travel date or book date. 

What is Net Promoter Score? 

When collecting NPS, customers are surveyed on one single question. They are asked to rate on an 11-point scale the likelihood of recommending the company or brand to a friend or colleague.

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company’s product or service to a friend or a colleague?”

Based on their rating, customers are then classified in 3 categories: detractors, passives and promoters.

‘Detractors’ gave a score lower or equal to 6. They are not particularly thrilled by the product or the service. They, with all likelihood, won’t purchase again from the company, could potentially damage the company’s reputation through negative word of mouth.

‘Passives’ gave a score of 7 or 8. They are somewhat satisfied but could easily switch to a competitor’s offering if given the opportunity. They probably wouldn’t spread any negative word-of-mouth, but are not enthusiastic enough about your products or services to actually promote them.

‘Promoters’ answered 9 or 10. They love the company’s products and services. They are the repeat buyers, are the enthusiastic evangelist who recommends the company products and services to other potential buyers.

Calculating the score
The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is determined by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters. What is generated is a score between -100 and 100 called the Net Promoter Score. At one end of the spectrum, if when surveyed, all of the customers gave a score lower or equal to 6, this would lead to a NPS of -100. On the other end of the spectrum, if all of the customers were answering the question with a 9 or 10, then the total Net Promoter Score would be 100.

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