You can add a discount to bookings after they have been created, on every booking that you have in your Bókun system. To add the discount you first have to enter the booking. There are multiple ways of entering a booking from various lists, reports and overview screens. But here we are looking at how to enter a booking from you sales feed.

To go to your sales feed, select the Bókun logo (or your logo if you have white-labelled your system) up in the left hand corner. Alternatively you can also select "Bookings -> Sales feed".

On the sales feed you have a feed of all bookings made in your system. To find the one you need to update you can use the search filters and search by e.g. name, booking reference number, date of booking etc.

When you have found the booking select the booking number to enter the booking.

There are four tabs in the booking. To add a discount to an already created booking select the "invoices" tab.

When you have entered the invoices tab select "Edit Invoice"

After you select "edit" you come to this screen where you can add discount to the line items in the booking, edit the tax and add more line items to the booking if needed.

When you save a new invoice will be created. You can always enter the old invoices on the right hand side of the screen.

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