This article teaches you how to login as booking agent user and how to make a booking.

If your supplier has not added you as a user, they must do that first. Here are the instructions the supplier must follow to add you as a user: How add booking agents as a user

How to login as a user:

  1. Go to the URL link that the supplier gave you
  2. Insert your login credentials (username and password), that you received from your supplier. 
  3. Read the Terms of Service and accept them

Once logged in as a booking agent, you will have access to a Sales Feed and Book: Experiences.

  • The Sales Feed gives you a summary of all of the bookings that you create.
  • Book: Experiences is the area where you go to book products.

How to Create a Booking:

1. Click on Book: Expereinces at the top of the page. This brings you to a page where all available products are displayed At the top of the page you have four tabs. Each tab is for a different product type: accommodation, Expereinces, cars rentals, and transport (e.g. return busses).

2. Select the product you want to book
3. On the next page, select the date and number of people for the booking you want to make

  • This shows you the real time availability from the suppliers and the prices that you and the supplier have negotiated.
  • Green dates are available, red dates are not available

4. Click Book

  • If you are done, select "finish booking" if you need to add more products select "add to booking"
  • If you select "Add to the booking," you will return to the product list screen and you can add more products to your shopping cart

5. Once you are done with making you booking selections, go to your shopping cart, and fill in the customer information. Select continue.

6. Fill in any bookign questions (this may be empty). Click continue.
7. Add payment information and confirm booking. In this page you can see the following information:

  • Total amount due
  • Ticket: select ticket box if customer should receive confirmation email with ticket
  • Option to go back to shopping cart in the top right corner

Note: If you see a red message under Payment it measn that your suppleir has not added a online payment provider. Please contact supplier. 

8. Select payment method and click save.

  • In some cases, the checkout might lead you directly to a payment site, so you will have to pay with a credit card on the suppliers online payment gateway/site. This depends on how your contract with your supplier is set up.

9. Pay for booking.

  • When you have confirmed the booking you will go to a screen that shows you the details of the booking you just created. Your supplier will recieve the booking in real time.

Where do I see all the bookigns I have created?

To access your bookings, go back to the sales feed.

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