The booking widgets offer an easy method to increase distribution. A booking widget can be deployed in any website, and can be set to track all sales that arrive via the widget.

As an example there is a large music festival in your vicinity. You know that the guests of the festival will also need some other form of an entertainment, before, during and after the festival.

In this case you could talk to the festival people and tell them that you can add a booking engine for your ATV tour on their website and they get 15% commission of the sales.

They agree and then there are four things you need to do:

  1. Create the music festival as an affiliate so you can get a simple overview of the commission you have to pay them
  2. Create a booking channel e.g.
  3. Generate the embed code for the booking engine 
  4. E-mail the embed code to the music festival so that they can embed your booking engine on their web.

In this case you accept the payment for all the bookings, not the music festival.

The customer books directly to your inventory, and gets sent a ticket for the tour automatically. There is no middleman (other than the website) to complicate things.

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