To edit your current users on your Bókun account select "Menu Icon in top left corner" the select "users" from the drop down list.

Note, that you need to have a "user manager" permit to be able to edit users. If you do not have that permit you are not going to be able to see this page in Bókun.

When you have selected users you will get a list of those users you have on your account. Select the one you need to edit by selecting the users name: 

To edit the user, you can change the information in the lines on the form. 

Note: E-mail address is the login user name, if you change the e-mail the new e-mail will become the new username to login. 

  • E-mail address: add the users e-mail address. The e-mail address will be the user name the users logs in with.
  • Password: add a password for the user.
  • First name / last name: Add the name of the user.
  • User role: Select the user role this user should get. There is a short description below on each of the user permits. More detailed on user roles can be found on this link. 
  • Admin: Is a vendor administrator and has all permits available in the system.
  • Sales: Has permits to book, edit bookings before departure and can view products and product content. 
  • Sales Manager: Has permits to book, book back in time, edit bookings both before and after departure. He can view products and product content. 
  • Product Manager:  Has permits to book, book back in time, edit bookings both before and after departure. He can Create and edit products and product content. He has access to embed widgets, integrations, sales channels and other sales and product management options.  
  • Technical: Has permit to embed widgets, manage integrations, plugins and terms of service. He is able to view products and content. 
  • Driver/Guide: Has permits to view operations reports, e.g. Passenger list and Pickup list. There is not a  permit to edit or view anything else in Bokun 

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