Would you like to expand you Bókun network?

Refer Bókun to you sales partners, suppliers and colleagues, they will join Bókun and expand your marketplace and you will get one free user for one month.

How does the referral work? 

  1. Get you Referral link: You get a link in you Bókun system and send it to your partner, supplier etc.
  2. Your partner signs up: They sign up via the link you sent them.
  3. You get one credit: When they pay their first invoice, and go from being a trial customer to a paying customer in Bókun, you will get one credit.
  4. You will get discount: One credit is one user for one month that will be deducted automatically from your next monthly payment.

How do I get the referal link? 

Go to your Bókun system and select the "Menu Icon in top left corner", then select "Subscription & Billing" from the Drop down list.

At the top of the subscription and billing page you have your referral link. Copy that link and send to your partners you would like to refer to Bókun.

When your partner has signed up and paid their first invoice. You will receive one credit in Bókun. One credit is one user for one month. Your credit will be deducted automatically from your next invoice. If you have more credits than your invoice is, the credit will transfer to the next month.

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