Bókun has a live integration with Viator.com.

What a live integration means is when a customer is on Viator.com looking at your products, Viator shows availability directly from your Bókun account, and books according to you live availability. 

When a booking is created on Viator.com, the booking is delivered directly to your Bókun account and appears on all your passenger and pickup lists.

The first thing to do is to signup with Viator (if you haven´t done that already) so that you can get the integration information from you Viator Account.

If you do not have a Viator account already, these are the steps that need to be completed first: 

Step 1- Signup for a Viator account. Here is a link to the Viator site where you can signup. 

Step 2- Once you have registered with Viator, you will upload your products in the Viator Extranet – Bokun does not automatically move product content to Viator, just the availability and bookings, so you need to add your product and prices on your Viator account to be able to link that product back to Bókun.

Step 3 – When you have set up your products in your Viator system, you can inquire about being scheduled for connections via the API for bookings and availability.

Please do not proceed with the following steps until you have been advised by your Viator Account Manager.

If you already have an active Viator account? 

In the case you already have set up all your products on Viator, but you are new in Bókun and you have not yet set up your products. You can send us your Viator supplier ID to support(@)bokun.io and Bokun can upload your products from Viator, to your Bokun account. All you have to do is to add the prices and how many seats are available per day. 

If you have already set up your products in Bokun, proceed to the next step.

Integrating Bókun and Viator: What to do in Bókun 

Once you have been notified to connect by your Viator Account Manager, you will need to the following to between integrate Bókun and Viator:

  • Viator API key
  • Supplier ID within Viator

These are information you get from your Viator Account Manager after being notified to connect.

When you have this information the next step is to add this information to Bókun to create the integration.

 You start by selecting "Contracts" on the top bar, then you select "Online Travel Agencies OTA's" from the drop down list. 

Select "Sell through this channel" by Viator to create the integration to Viator.

Fill in the form, e.g. like this.  remember to check the "Active" Flag.

Mapping products to Viator in Bokun 

When you have saved the integration information you need to decide which of you Activities you would like to add to Viator.com, by mapping the product from Bókun to Viator.

Select "Products" on the black top bar and "Tours & Activities" from the drop down list.

Select the name of the Activity you intend to map for Viator.

To map products for Viator select the "Action" button. It's in the top right hand side on your product page.

But before you select that button you have to add location to your products. To add the location select the "Product Settings" tab. In the product settings tab you can add the location by scrolling  bit down the screen. The location is added on the right hand side.

Scroll to the bottom of the pages and Save. When you have saved you are automatically moved back to the Product Page. Now, select the "Actions" button and  "Map for Viator" from the drop down list. 

Check the "Map this product for Viator" box at the top of the page. Next you have to map your pricing categories, with those off Viator.

The fixed list on the left is the list from Viator. The right hand side where you have the drop down list, are your pricing categories (in this case participant). You have to select the ones that fit best to the Viator mapping and select Save.

Below the pricing categories, you have three options to set for your pickup settings. 

  • No pickup offered - select if your tour doesn't include pickup 
  • Pickup included - select if your tour includes pickup 
  •  Have separate tour options on Viator to book each departure with pick up - select in the case pickup is optional and the customers has to select if they would like to be picked up. 

What Viator will ask you for to activate the integration:

When Viator is do the mapping on their end, they will ask you for Product Code and Option Code, for you mapped products. 

Product code is the ID number of your product in Bókun. You find this number in front of the name of your products on your Tours & Activities list "Products -> Tours & Activties" 

The Option Code is the ID number of your departure times in Bókun.  This number is in-front of the departure time in your product: 

What happens after the integration is live?

Bookings from all products mapped to Viator will appear instantly and automatically in your Bokun system.

Viator, will as before, process payments from your customer. You will invoice Viator and get paid from Viator as before. 

If you change one of your products, e.g. update pricing categories in Bokun. You will have to notify your account manager at Vaitor and they will have to update your mapping at Viator. 

If you add new products to Bokun. You have to map it to Viator in Bokun. Then you need set the product up in Viator system also, and contact your account manager at Vaitor so they will map the new product to your product in Viator.

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