This report shows you the status of your booking agents booking. In the report you can see the payment status of all bookings.

To enter the report select "Reports" on the top bar, then select "Agent Account Transactions" from the drop down list:

In the report you have few column: 

Type: type of payment. There are two options. 

  • Withdrawal, when the agent uses their overdraft. 
  • Deposit: When the agent pays with a card

Timestamp: the time of when the booking was created
Sale date: The date the booking was created
Travel date: The date the booking takes place on
Booking: Booking reference number
Agent: The title of the agent
Products: The title of the booked product
Amount: The total amount of the booking. Minus number for withdrawal and plus for deposit.
Sale total: The total sale.
Commission: The agent commission
Status: The payment status from the agent to you. 

  • New: New booking . Has not been settled 
  • Settlement: Settlement is an set of withdrawals and deposits that have been summed up
  • Reconciled:  is an amount paid into a settlement, usually the full amount, bringing the settlement total to 0.
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