Booking cutoff is to define how long in advance your activity is bookable online and for your resellers in Bókun marketplace.

As an example If you enter 12 hours, your customers will not be able to book activities starting in less than 12 hours.

Note, that your own employees can always book until departure, even though booking cutoff is 12 hours. Not mandatory but recommended.

To add booking cutoff to you Products, select "Products" from the top bar and "Tours & Activities" from the drop down list.

Select the product you intend to edit the booking cutoff for off the list of products.

When you have entered the tour select the "Product settings" tab.

At the left side of the screen you have booking cutoff. Add to the box how long before departure the tour is bookable.

This cut off is applicable to your resellers in Bókun, as well as in online booking engines. You can always book you own tours until departure.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and save before continuing.

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