This article will show how to add prices to products.

To access pricing select “Products” from the top bar and “Pricing” from the dropdown list.

After pricing is chosen on the drop down list, a table appears with all your products. In this pricing table it is possible to create various date ranges and add different prices for each date range.

Note that if the lines to add the prices don´t appear, e.g. Adults, Children as on the image. You have to create and add pricing categories to the tour.

There is a column on the right side of the page where the prices are added. Add the prices to the fields.

When you have added the prices for your products, save by selecting the green "Save Changes" button, located both at the bottom and the top of the page.

NOTE: if you have issues saving your prices or adding you prices, you can enter each product individually and add prices to it (Products -> Tours & Activities/Accommodation/Car Rental/transport -> select the pricing tab in the product). 

When you have saved your prices you have to publish your prices catalog, for the prices to update on your booking channels, e.g. your website. To publish the price catalog, select the blur "Publish Catalog" button at the top of the page.

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